I’ve to improve my english, so I’ll try to write my post in english ^^ *apologize if there are a lot of mistake ^^

I’ve never exercise, but starting from last month I started exercise, not because I want to build my body, but because I want to be healthy, I can get sick easily 🙁

I just have 2 shoes for working (my sketcher go walk series) same colour, the reason I have 2 shoes is just because when  a rainy day, and my shoes get wet, I’ve another shoes 😀 *I will post it later ^^
so with situation, I don’t have shoes for exercise, I don’t do research for hunting my shoes, I just met this nike free when I was sight seeing on mall.

I love the colour, and it’s stretch and light. When you jump, it’s like wearing nothing (because it’s so light and stick with my feet)

I think the material is not washable enough, 🙁 but at least I can wash it carefully. Overall I love this shoes, 8/10 ^^


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